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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Introducing Bird Hearts Bug Photography!

After spending some time in front of the lens, I've decided to try branching out into doing some photography of my own! Mr. Bear spoiled me this past Christmas by getting me some photography equipment, and we turned the guest room into a studio of sorts. It started from a desire to continue with my pinup work as a compliment to my burlesque performing, but having trouble getting in with the pinup photographers. I figured why not set up a little studio and take my own pinup shots? DIY is kind of my thing.

 A Valentine-themed boudoir shoot.

My beautiful friend graciously allowed me to practice on her, and after a particularly productive afternoon, I had a collection of seventy edited photos for her to give her fiance on Valentine's Day. They were both pretty pleased with the results, so I'm heartened.
I'm hoping that there will be enough of a market at our next duty station for me to do more shoots. They're a lot of fun, and I'd like to be able to support my photography equipment habit! Backdrops are expensive.

Family shoot outdoors. The frost was so gorgeous that day.

My sweet chubby little pumpkin.

We'll see how it goes. I have a few more projects in the works, but I really have no idea how to go about marketing or building a clientele. I am enjoying the process a lot, though!

Check out Bird Hearts Bug Photography's Facebook page for updates! I'd be chuffed if you'd give it a like!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Junebug's Half-Birthday

So it's been six months since my life completely changed forever. It has been wonderful and amazing, and we're so in love with our little girl.

I was so puffy!

First family portrait.

She was so tiny!

We celebrated by giving her some of the homecanned applesauce we made a few months ago after a trip to Greenbluff. She seems to like it, though is a bit unsure.

My beautiful daughter.

She continues to be a delight every single day, and I'm loving watching her learn and explore her world.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Results Are In!

Cheryll Kelly has won my home-canned apple pie filling in last week's online auction!
Congratulations, Cheryll!

I've put a pretty package together for you, and you should be receiving your delicious treat next week.
Thanks for bidding, and I hope you enjoy it!

Like the tags, label, and recipe card? You can get the templates for free from Lia Griffith!
They add a nice touch to those last-minute gifts. Not that I would know anything about that...

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Virtual Bake Sale!!!

My friend Alice, who blogs at A Mama, Baby, and Sharpei in the Kitchen, is hosting a virtual bake sale today! Proceeds go to help her friend's family with medical expenses. You can get amazing baked goods, kitchenware, and cookbooks, and make a family's holiday season brighter at the same time!

The sale ends tonight at 9pm PST, so get your bids in while you can!

I donated a jar of my homemade, home-canned apple pie filling, made from apples I picked out at Greenbluff. It's sweet and delicious, and will make one 9-inch pie, and is also amazing on pancakes and ice cream.

Bid here on my apple pie filling!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Adventure Time!

Did you all have a lovely Thanksgiving, if you were in a country that celebrates it?
We got a surprise...

Mr. Bear got orders to Lakenheath, England!

So, basically, we have 7-8 months to get everything in order, and then we are moving across the pond, so to speak. Juniper will be about a year old(I'm hoping we'll still be here on her birthday so we can celebrate with everyone). We're very excited, it was our top choice on our "Dream Sheet" for postings. We expect to be there about 4 years, and oh, the traveling!

I haven't been to England since 2009, there's so much I didn't get to do that was on my list. I'm really looking forward to having years there. Junebug will be about five when we return to the U.S., so I'm hoping she'll have some memories of living abroad. And we'll probably have another child while we're there.

We have to get started on Ponyo's vaccinations so we can avoid the quarantine period, she would not handle that well. And we're definitely not going to be able to take Butters with us, which breaks my heart, so I've started looking for a foster home for her. I have several people who have offered to take our hens. Ah, the life of a nomadic homesteader.

My head is swimming! So much to do, to plan, to think!

I foresee a gigantic yard sale in our future.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Another Sad Day

Mr. Bear and I have been out-of-state, visiting his family, and some dear friends have been living at our place, taking care of the animals in our absence.
Sadly, they informed us Sunday evening, that we had lost Ruth to predation.
She was a good alpha hen. She defended the girls against whatever it was that killed Rosie back in June.

We think a hawk got after Ruth this time. Our friends spotted a large hawk hanging around the yard, up in the cherry tree. Marie's wing was wounded, and she and Ada have been cowering inside the coop, Ada shielding Marie.
So, our flock is down to two. We are very sad, and Mr. Bear plans on building an enclosed run when we return home.
Our two casualties.

I don't expect we'll be adding to the flock anytime soon. We're probably going to be moving in the coming months, and I'm not sure whether or not we'll be able to keep chickens where we end up.
Our hens are pets, and we mourn them, though we went into this knowing that chickens are not long-lived, and succumb to disease and predation with alarming regularity. It's the price paid for loving an animal.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Rhinestones, Sequins, and Pasties...Oh My!

It's been go go go here at Ft. McAwesome.
Cabaret Noir is tomorrow night, and I have been doing little else besides setting rhinestones, sewing sequins, and knitting pasties!

I tried out Brittany Wilson's Burlesque Fan Pasties:

S/M/L, I think the M size will fit me just fine.
Still need to add feathers.

I also took a plain red slip and added rhinestones and sequins until it became something special. You should see this baby under the stage lights, it dazzles!

I got to preview some of the other acts at rehearsal this week, and they are phenomenal!

I'm in a few acts, but my main act is an homage to American Horror Story: Asylum.
Specifically, a certain scene from the episode "The Name Game".

I am also the luckiest burlesque dancer alive, my amazing husband hand made me a pair of black ostrich feather fans! He even cut the glitter acrylic staves himself! I can't wait to take them out for a spin on Saturday!

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